Ultimate Cat Tunnel – Innovative Collapsible Crinkle Crackle Chute Fun Run Toy! Fits The LARGE Cats Too! They’ll LOVE it Guaranteed!

Ultimate Cat Tunnel - Innovative Collapsible Crinkle Crackle Chute Fun Run Toy! Fits The LARGE Cats Too! They'll LOVE it Guaranteed!

  • ★ SET MULTIPLE ANGLE POSITIONS ★ Straps on the sides of this unique cat tunnel can bend the tunnel at different positions (going from 180 degrees to 90 degrees). You can bend the tunnel from the front at a slight angle and more of a bend from the back exit. You can bend it around furniture if you want the cats to enter / exit a certain way. Either way it gives you more creativity over other general cat tunnels on the market!
  • ★ CONNECT MULTIPLE TUNNELS TOGETHER with CLOSABLE BACK END / ENCLOSURE ★ Adjustable gray fabric on the back of the tunnel allows you to connect this tunnel with any other cat tunnel. Just wrap the gray fabric over the other tunnel and pull on the orange elastic cord slightly around the other tunnel. Cats LOVE safe places to hide and closing off the back side of the tunnel gives the PERFECT HIDING SPOT for your cat!
  • ★ OMG! IT’S FINALLY AVAILABLE IN EUROPE! ★ The Ultimate Cat Tunnel was ONLY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON USA (READ THE REVIEWS)!!! First, it’s a unique cat tunnel that’s over 4.5 feet long (55 inches or 140cm) AND over 1 foot high (13.8 inches or 35cm)! Guaranteed to fit for ANY HOUSE CAT Large or Small (Adult or Kittens) (excluding tigers!). Has a total Of 5 Exit / Entrance Points! Front Entrance, Back Exit, 2 Side Holes and 1 Top Hole ★ CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ALL 9 PHOTOS ON THE RIGHT ★
  • ★ CRINKLE / CRACKLE PAPER AT EACH END (Reduced Noise) ★ We already know that the majority of cats LOVE the crinkle / crackle paper lined cat tunnels but they can make A LOT of noise. The crackle paper we used for the Ultimate Cat tunnel is less noisy but has the same effect (Yes, we’ve already compared the crinkle paper from other leading cat tunnels). Also, it lines only the first foot of the entrance and exit of the tunnel giving them a noise free area to hide!
  • ★ EASIEST STORAGE EVER ★ FIRST EVER CAT TUNNEL that uses Velcro strap! All other cat tunnels use strings that you need to tie. Who wants to tie strings? Close the Ultimate Cat Tunnel in less than 10 seconds: Push the tunnel down to collapse and loop the 2 outside straps inside the tunnel to attach to the velcro straps within! ★ BONUS Purple Zipper Carrying Bag Is Included! ★ Inventory EXTREMELY LIMITED! All with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Cat Tunnels are NOT CREATED EQUAL! If you have owned other cat tunnels before you can see why! CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, FUN! Incredibly convenient and entertaining for ALL!


ALL CATS WILL FIT: The Ultimate Cat tunnel is big enough for 2 cats to wrestle inside! Great for kittens and adult / senior cats! Use outdoor like cat house.

HIGH QUALITY FABRIC with SAFE, STRONG WIRES: Everything about our cat tunnel speaks quality and durability! Rust resistant steel wire (with SAFE WIRE ENDS) with strong, dual-layer nylon fabric! The Ultimate Cat Tunnel is sturdy and will not collapse like other tunnels do!

CRINKLE / CRACKLE PAPER LESS NOISY: We know and we have specifically selected crackle paper that is less noisy (tested). Lines the first foot of the entrance / exit!

EASY COLLAPSE AND CLOSE: Only 2 Velcro straps to collapse this tunnel. Quick and easy! Not 6 loose ties like other tunnels (takes WAY TOO LONG)!



CONNECT MULTIPLE TUNNELS: WOW! You can connect 2 or more cat tunnels (at different angles too!) and wrap them around furniture! Get creative!

CLOSABLE END: Close one side of the tunnel shut or open halfway! Safe haven hiding spot for cats (to hide from other cats too)!

Combine this with our ever popular Bird Catcher PRO feather wands (one of the best cat toys) you and your cat(s) will enjoy some of the most memorable playtime sessions yet! Dangle them through the holes and watch their paws come out!

Made for Cats but also a great gift for small Dogs (like Dachshunds & Pomeranians)! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


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