UBEST Dog Muzzle Soft Prevent Biting Chewing Yellow Muzzle

UBEST Dog Muzzle Soft Prevent Biting Chewing Yellow Muzzle

  • AVOID BARKING – A must have item for dog carers and dog walker. This soft muzzle prevents food scavenging and harmful self self-licking. Perfect for handling and grooming, protection of wounds and supervised freedom for assertive dogs.
  • SECURITY FIT – A hole for the collar can make the soft dog muzzle fit securely, dogs can not make them off by their paws. Nice cut back under the chin, it won’t dig into a dog’s neck, so it’s comfortable for your pet.
  • LENGTH ADJUSTABLE – The length is adjustable with a snap fastner, 5 sizes available, can fit most dogs except dogs with very short snouts like pugs.
  • 4 COLOURS AVAILABLE – Pink, black, orange and yellow. These are gentle colors will not have other dogs unfriendly barking when you have a walk with your loved pet. Your dog will be a much friendly one of he used to bark on others when in outside walking.
  • ABOUT SIZE CHOOSING – Due to the variance of dog sizes within each breed, UBEST strongly recommend you to measure your dog before making an order. Size chart in the photo, check it out and purchase the correct sized muzzle for your dog.

UBEST Dog Muzzle Soft Prevent Biting Chewing 4 Colors S/M/L/XL/XXL

UBEST strong nylon dog muzzle is soft and flexible. Adjustable straps with ‘quick-fit’ velcro. Inhibit chewing and barking but still allows panting and drinking. Should not be used during strenuous exercise. 


1. Double velcro design to fit securely, your dog can not rip it off by their paws.
2. Snap buckle to put on or take off easily, length adjustable that can fits most breeds except very short nose dogs like pug.
3. 4 colors available, black, yellow, orange and pink. Gentle colors that is not aggressive.
4. 5 sizes for dog muzzle: Small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large.

Size Chart of UBEST Dog Collar:

Size—————–Snout Width(cm/inch)———-Snout Length(cm/inch)

Make Sure:

* You have the right size muzzle for your dog.
* The muzzle is only used for safety and restraint – not punishment.
* You do not use for prolonged periods or during strenuous exercise.
* You do not leave your muzzled dog unattended.

At UBEST we’re committed to providing top quality pet products and accessories of most kinds. We aim to provide you with a fantastic service at great prices on all of our pet supplies.

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