Tick Remover Tool (Pack of 2) by Posh Pet Supplies – 100% Authentic & Genuine – Purpose Designed Tick Removal Tool to Remove Ticks of all Sizes – Free BONUS ‘Ticks Information for Pet Owners’ – Lifetime Guarantee!

Tick Remover Tool (Pack of 2) by Posh Pet Supplies - 100% Authentic & Genuine - Purpose Designed Tick Removal Tool to Remove Ticks of all Sizes - Free BONUS 'Ticks Information for Pet Owners' - Lifetime Guarantee!

  • CAN BE USED ON DOGS, CATS, HORSES and HUMANS – Purpose designed Tick Removal Tool suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses and humans
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT and REUSABLE – The Hooks are lightweight in feel but extremely tough and durable. They are resistant to wear and can be used indefinitely. The Tick Remover pack is so small and light it can be placed in any pocket or small bag and carried with you wherever you go
  • PAINLESS & QUICK REMOVAL OF TICKS – If not removed correctly Ticks can spread debilitating illnesses like Lyme Disease. The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that you remove Ticks as quickly as possible using an appropriate Ticks Remover tool. With POSH PET SUPPLIES tried & tested Tick Remover Tool you will always be armed and prepared to remove nasty ticks quickly, safely and painlessly
  • REMOVE TICKS OF ALL SIZES – Pack includes 2 different sizes of hook. Choose the most suitable hook according to the size of the tick. Engage the hook by approaching the tick from the side. Lift the hook very lightly and turn. The tick detaches after 2 or 3 rotations
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If our tick removal tool isn’t everything that we say it is & you’re not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund instantly with no questions asked. This is the only tick removal tool backed by a Lifetime Guarantee


The Posh Pet Supplies Tick Removal Tool is the quickest and safest way to remove Ticks from humans or animals.

MAJOR BENEFITS of using Posh Pet Supplies Tick Remover tool:

  • The tick’s mouth parts won’t be left behind in the skin:
  • Leaving behind the Tick mouth parts may result in a localised infection, which in severe cases can lead to abscesses and even septicaemia.

  • Tick’s body won’t be compressed.
  • Compressing the tick’s body may cause fluids to be squeezed back into the bloodstream of its host (the person or animal it’s attached to). These fluids may contain disease-causing organisms.

  • Tick’s body won’t be punctured.
  • Puncturing the body of the tick may spill infective fluids (full of disease-causing organisms) on to the host, or on to the person removing the tick.

Benefits of using POSH PET SUPPLIES Tick Remover:

  • Won’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin
  • Doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen
  • Removes ticks of any size
  • Removes ticks from animals and humans
  • Enables quick and painless tick removal
  • Extremely durable and reusable

POSH PET SUPPLIES Tick Remover is the safest way to remove ticks without leaving parts of the tick in the skin. It does not use chemicals and it takes the tick away quickly, painlessly and safely. It does not squeeze the tick, thus reducing the risk of infection.

The Tick Removal tool works via the two following principles:

1) Tick is gripped without compressing the tick’s body
2) Tick is extracted by rotation (2-3 rotations) and a slight upward motion

1 x Small Hook
1 x Large Hook


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