The Mouse Cage

The Mouse Cage

This is a Meta4Kids story for helping children to explore and learn the world around them, but within safe boundaries that you set for them.

The Meta4Kids series of interactive eBooks are a world-first! They are written by a parent, for parents to read to their children to overcome childrens’ issues. The Meta4Kids stories have successfully changed many childrens’ lives for the better (and to the relief of the parents!) by encouraging them to change their behaviours through a simple story which contains a metaphor, in conjunction with specific language, gestures and pauses.

Everyone’s unconscious mind has an age of about 7 years old… and every 7 year old child loves a story. For a child it allows them to use their imagination which creates the solution without them knowing.

Metaphors are used in everyday life to explain situations, what we do is to adapt them to suit childhood issues to get the results that we want. Children as young as 18 months have shown considerable change in habits after only a few readings. These stories are only designed for children up to the age of 10. The concepts work on older kids and adults, just not these stories.

Parents set boundaries or limits as to what they allow their kids to do or not. Some children seem to listen and heed this advice, while others listen and quickly forget, while others don’t appear to listen at all! This story will help parents to use the right language, and at the same time, help the child to listen to their parents and follow through safely.

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The author, Stuart Walter, is a father and is professionally trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is a published author and movie collaborator and is regarded as an Australian specialist.
During his training, Stuart began to create and deliver stories to his son and now these experiences have all been converted into a series of 20+ stories for parents around the world.

Stuart says “The results still amaze me… and I wrote the stories! Every child and parent will benefit, as you get to understand the stories, each parent will become aware of the subtle changes they can make in communication to create amazing changes and improvements in kids”.

Parents who wanted an instruction book for their kids… here it is!

See all the Meta4Kids stories on a range of topics to help them change their behaviors and overcome various issues such as the following:
– Bedwetting,
– Promoting good sleep
– Setting healthy boundaries,
– Bullying,
– Past trauma or emotional abuse,
– Building self-confidence,
– Depression and anxiety,
– Nail biting,
– Listening to parents,
– Toilet training,
– Eating healthy food,
– and a LOT more!

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