Swell Reptiles Livefood Locust pre-pack – Medium

Swell Reptiles Livefood Locust pre-pack - Medium

  • Perfect alternative to crickets
  • Small crickets
  • Higher protein content ideal for egg-laying lizards
  • Box of twenty

Swell Reptiles Locust Pre-Pack – Medium are an ideal livefood for slower moving reptiles. Live locusts are a good alternative to crickets and because they are slower-moving, are good live food for reptiles with movement problems and disabilities. The pre-packs come in boxes depending on the size of the insect you specify. You can also upgrade to a superpack and get twice as many insects. For example in the super pack small locusts comes in a box of 40 (whereas the pre pack is a box of 20) and the large locusts come in a box of 20 in the super pack where the the pre pack is a box of 10. Their higher protein level is also beneficial for egg-laying lizards. Live Food Locust Pre-Packs are available from Swell Reptiles at discounted prices. As with all live foods, it is vital they are kept healthy – and your locusts will need feeding just like your reptile. Our experts recommend feeding your locusts a high quality food such as ProRep Bug Grub. It is also important to dust your locusts with a calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement such as Vetark Nutrobal. We also offer Live Food Locust Bulk Bags which contain 50 insects in each bag. Please Note: Orders containing live food will only be sent out Mon – Thur.

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