Sterling Silver Stamping Blank “Dog Tag” Pendant 25 X 13mm (1)

Sterling Silver Stamping Blank

  • Color: Silver
  • Materials or Model Number: Sterling Silver
  • Shape or Style:
  • Measurements: 13mm X 25mm
  • Quantity: 1

Genuine Bright Sterling Silver. Dog Tag Style Pendant. Smooth Blank For Stamping. 13mm X 25mm. 1 Pendant. Beautiful, glowing solid Sterling Silver. Rounded edge “Dog Tag” style blank, ready for stamping and other altered styles of jewelry. This blank has a definite front and back, with some rougher edges from the blank cutting process. Simply swipe the edges with a very fine grit sandpaper if you prefer. Can be used for pet tags, friendship necklaces, charm bracelets, etc. Measurements: 25mm X 13mm and.5mm thick. Hole is drilled front to back at top edge and is 1.6mm in diameter and 1.5mm from top. Quantity: 1 Blank

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