Sricam HD night vision 720P surveillance Monitor full-duplex speech 360° rotary body

Sricam HD night vision 720P surveillance Monitor full-duplex speech 360° rotary body

  • 355° full view: the 355° horizontal full view video and absolute vertical visual angle of 90° can capture each corner of the home.Size:18.2*15*11cm
  • Full-duplex speech provides close companion at any time: The monitor has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker and adopts internationally advanced echo cancellation technology. It realizes high fidelity, 360° omnibearing adapterization and talkback easily without keeping watching in front of the camera.
  • 10m infrared night vision: infrared updated optical system design corrects infrared virtual focus automatically, which ensures night image development. The infrared lamp can irradiate 10m. Equipped with IR-CUT glass filter, it makes the color at night change black and white.
  • Motion detection and alarm push: when there is change in the monitoring area from static change to dynamic change, that is, when mobile target appears, monitor starts alarm screenshot, sends the screenshot to the mailbox and sends the alarm hint of agenda to you at the first time.
  • 128G TF card memory: it has local memory function, harcar function and built-in TF card slot. It can realize 24h continuous video recording without turning on the computer. It supports 128G TF high-speed card at maximum so that it can record in circulation.

System processer: high-performance processer
Image sensor: HD color CMOS sensor
Lens parameter: focal distance:3.6mm; aperture:80°F2.4; visual angle (day and night lens):90° visual angle
Video resolution ratio:720P(1280*720),VGA(640*360),QVGA(320*180)
Night vision: the night visibility of infrared light emitting diode can reach 12m
Product type: it has plastic enclosure and cartoon robot appearance. It is used indoor.
Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11b/g/n/,Security support:WEP,WPA,WPA2
ONVIF protocol: it supports standard onvif protocol and NVR of onvif2.4.2 or above.
Type of alarm: it supports motion detection alarm, mobile phone push alarm, email alarm, whistle alarm and telephone alarm.
IR-CUT: adopt IR-CUT technology imported from Korea. There is no color difference between indoor and outdoor and it has good night vision effect.
TF card memory: it supports 128G TF card at maximum (note: it only supports TF card in the format of FAT32 file system)
System support: APP supports ios, Android, smart phone, tablet PC and PC
Working temperature:-10?-60?

Why are we your best choice?
Home is beside you. You can see it at any time. You can put the camera in anywhere you need. Through mobile phone or tablet computer, you can understand what happens in your home. Even if you are not at home, you can realize full-duplex speech call.

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