Rats: The Essential Guide to Ownership, Care, & Training for Your Pet (Rat Care Book 1)

Rats: The Essential Guide to Ownership, Care, & Training for Your Pet (Rat Care Book 1)

What pet can play fetch, learn its name, and still ride around in your pocket? It’s a rat, of course, and if you’re surprised by this, you should take some time to learn more about these delightful animals. Though wild rats have earned a bad rap for spreading illness and disease, domestic rats are clean and friendly animals that can be loving and wonderful additions to any family.

If you have children that want pets but you’re not ready for a dog, a pet rat may be a great compromise. These little critters are fabulous pets for kids, requiring relatively simple care that even grade school children can understand and handle. They’re adaptable, affectionate, and tons of fun to watch and play with. With a life-span up to 5 years, your child can have a long relationship with her animals.

Rats make great adult companions too, of course. Their minimal space requirements make them ideal for apartment dwellers, and their self-sufficiency and flexible sleeping habits mean they’ll adapt readily to even busy schedules. When they’re cared for properly, rats aren’t prone to many illnesses or health issues, and they’re affordable both up-front and in the long-term.

Most of the challenges in rat care are caused by the animal’s remarkable intelligence. The information in this book will teach you how to properly house these notorious escape artists. You’ll also learn about the proper nutrition and care to keep your rats healthy in the long term, and how to identify and fix problems if they do come up. Introductions to breeding, showing, and training your animals are also included, if you want to take your rat ownership to the next level.

Cuddly, smart, and entertaining, a pet rat combines the low time commitment of a small animal with the affection of a dog—and you may just find it’s the perfect pet for you.

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