Origami Magic

Origami Magic

A novel written by a kid…For kids.
When 11-year-old Joseph pulls an origami book from the bargain rack of his favorite used bookstore, he never imagines it will change his life. But it does. Soon he learns the creatures folded from the magic paper in the back of the book will come to life. They will run and fly, but only for a short time. Only one person believes in the book’s magic, David the school bully, a boy Joseph fears. Joseph must learn to draw on courage he’s not really sure he has, if he’s going to stand up for himself and learn to be proud of his newly found talents with origami.

For ages: 7 and up , Early Chapter Readers.
Note: This is not an origami instructional book.

Written by an 11-year-old boy for his 8-year-old brother, and inspired by his younger brother’s real battles with school bullies. Through it all he never forgot his love of origami, and eventually found a new group of friends who stopped teasing him and realized that origami is super cool.

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