Mr Johnson’s Advance Hamster and Gerbil Food, 750 g

Mr Johnson's Advance Hamster and Gerbil Food, 750 g

  • Advance Hamster & Gerbil Food is a complementary food suitable for all breeds of hamsters and gerbils
  • This nutritious & wholesome tasty nugget – supplies your hamsters and gerbils with a mono-component food that prevents selective feeding.
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD is a unique and wholesome nugget that’s full of tasty nutritious ingredients to ensure that your pet gets a well-balanced diet with every bite, thus preventing selective feeding. Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD has been formulated to support the health of your pet which contains essential ingredients and supplements, which bring special benefits to help keep your pet in tip top condition. Contains essential VITAMINS & MINERALS, BENEFICIAL HERBS in the form of VERM-X – the nurturing of internal health and hygiene, PROTEIN – essential for the structure, function, and Regularulation of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.PRE-BIOTIC – that maintains gut health, helps with micro flora and reinforces the natural defences and function of the digestive system.ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – helping to maintain healthy skin, coat & immune system.

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