MMS Salty Bandit – G Sparks

MMS Salty Bandit - G Sparks

  • Includes clear, step-by-step instructions as needed
  • Learn the SECRET! Customize and create YOUR own magic
  • Great GIFT for the magic hobbyist or professional
  • Easy-to-learn & FUN to perform

Here is a definite Sparks’ classic! His zombie trick is performed with an ordinary object: a salt shaker. The included foulard is made from a traditional bandit-style bandanna, hence the story line about Sal Bandito , the salt shaker who is a bandit. This bandit must later hide out, under a napkin, only to completely vanish!  You can also use the gimmicked salt shaker for other great effects. The shaker makes the classic Shaker Through Table an ease to do, and guess what? You don’t use a table! This routine is done standing up!  It gets even better! There is a third freaky trick you can use the shaker for: Sparks’ Crazy Finger In Shaker trick, where your finger instantly ends up inside the sealed salt shaker. Now that’s Magic!

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