Marina i25 Filter Replacement Cartridge

Marina i25 Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • Marina i25 replacement media
  • Compatible with Marina i25 filter
  • Provides effective filtration
  • Replace every 4 weeks.

The Marina i25 Replacement Power Cartridge is made specifically to fit inside the Marina i25 internal filter.

3in1 Mechanical, Chemical and Biological Filtration
It has a unique design that allows the water to enter through the centre of the cartridge. The filter is split into two different chambers, the water enters the first chamber (the zeolite chamber) that removes toxic ammonia. It then enters the activated carbon chamber to remove all pollutants and odours. Finally the water enters the floss layer which traps any debit inside the cartridge. This unique flow of water results in crystal clear water. For best results replace every four weeks. Ideal for Goldfish and Tropical tanks.

This product is currently on a 7-10 day delivery schedule.

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