Lucky Reptile MLS-1UK Mini Light Strip LED Set

Lucky Reptile MLS-1UK Mini Light Strip LED Set

  • Ideal way to provide light with minimal heat in small vivariumsand small plastic transport boxes
  • The light strip runs on a very low wattage of 2w
  • A very cost effective way of lighting an enclosure
  • It is splash resistant, ensuring you and your pets safety
  • This highly versatile light is perfect for amphibians, invertebratesand snakes that have no uvb requirements

The Mini Light Strip LED is a 22.5 cm long, slim luminaire with modern LED technology. It only creates little excess heat and is very thin making it perfect for small terrariums as well as small plastic transport boxes like the Lucky Reptile Herp Haven. The Mini Light Strip LED are low voltage and protected against spray water and therefore can be safely installed inside terrariums.

A transformer is necessary for operation and already included in the Mini Light Srip LED Set. One transformer can operate up to 5 Mini Light Strip LED. Additional Mini Light Strips for extension purposes are available. Installation is easy thanks to connectors. Each single Mini Light Strip has an On/Off switch.

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