Lead Dog 2.5m Red – Dog Leads Long – Double Handle Lead For Large Dogs – Bonus Dog Tag – Extra Long Dog Lead – Dual Handle Dog Leads – Dual Dog Leash

Lead Dog 2.5m Red - Dog Leads Long - Double Handle Lead For Large Dogs - Bonus Dog Tag - Extra Long Dog Lead - Dual Handle Dog Leads - Dual Dog Leash

  • TOP USA Selling Lead!! Our strong dog leads has two soft but durable padded handles & is 1 inch wide, so sturdy but not too heavy! It is an extra long dog leash measuring 8ft 2 inches & comes with a bonus FREE dog tag that is SO CUTE! You CAN’T get this deal anywhere else… a FREE tag worth £9.99!!
  • This lead is one extra tough nylon lead which means it is even strong enough for a horse! We designed it to KEEP YOUR PET SAFE at all times and when you add the FREE bonus lucky dip dog tags for dogs with every dog lead, you really must ADD to Cart now so you don’t miss out!! (Sorry tag preferences & engraving is NOT possible)
  • Whether you have a large dog, medium dog or any sized dog then COMFORT IS IMPORTANT. Our dog lead has a SOFT PADDED HANDLES, no longer will you have to wrap the lead around your hand and risk injuring yourself. The TRAFFIC HANDLE is genius as well! It gives CONTROL when needed & allows for a quick adjust for FREE RANGE walking.
  • This double handle dog lead is a dog lead for large dogs, medium dogs, small dogs plus horses! – it has a TRAFFIC HANDLE which gives great control for dogs & horses alike. Control on busy sidewalks, bike paths, around other animals or for animals that are ‘pullers’ or shy easily. Easily control your pet while walking in populated areas as we understand that animals can be unpredictable.
  • Dog leads for large dogs or animals – then this is the lead for YOU – Get one of these leads to give you both greater control & give your pet greater freedom when they want to stop and smell/eat the roses! We 100% GUARANTEE that you and your pet will LOVE IT! Add to cart…NOW!

Jet Storm Dual Handled Green Nylon Dog & Horse lead 8ft 2 Inches Extra Long Large Dog lead Soft Padded Handles One Inch Wide – 1 leads Dog 2 Handles

The Best Easy Double Handled lead For Walking Running Training It’s So Cool and comfortable to use with 2x Padded Handles

– Our leads are made of Nylon with strong metal clips that are, NO BREAKS or stretching!
– Each lead has 2 x Padded Handles, one handle is approximately 16 inches from the clip and the second handle is at the end of the lead.
– Our leads are 8.2 feet in length!
-We even have a YouTube video showing you how easy it is to put on simply search for Jet Storm Pets on YouTube

Our leads are trendy, strong and comfy for you and your dog

Each lead comes in either blue, green, purple, red or union jack style which also matches our variety of Couplers on our other listings!

We have personally designed these leads and they are designed for your pets and your comfort and ease during your walks or runs. With the extra handle you get more control when you need it, plus more length when you don’t

– Buy from the manufacturer direct so you get the best price and quality
– Buy our leads because we guarantee your dog will love you for being willing to take him on more walks!
– We guarantee that all our leads are strong, durable and have welded metal parts, no breaks!
– No longer will you have to wrap your lead around your hands get a better grip when another dog walks past, or when you want to cross the road. Simply use the padded handle closer to your dog.

This product is not for chewing. Do not leave dog unattended with this product

Be a good parent to your dog, BUY our Double Handle lead and make your life easier NOW

Discount Price: £16.92
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