Large Cockatiel / Parakeet Bird Cage …

Large Cockatiel / Parakeet Bird Cage ...

  • Dimensions: 59.5 x 33 x 70.5 (L x W x H). Base colour: light grey. Bars colour: black. Suitable for canaries, exotic and other small birds. Large, spacious cage with domed-roof. Top quality, deep, plastic base with pull-out drawer (for easy cleaning). Highly stable plastic frame. 2 Doors: Front 13 x 12,3 cm ; Side: 9,5 x 11,1 cm.
  • 4 x extendible soft-rubber perches
  • 2 x swivel feeders
  • 1 x universal food hook 1 x water bottle; 1 x heart-shaped mirror with a little bell
  • Note: Unable to deliver to Northern Ireland.

The Bird Cage Palladio 04, with its elegant shape, is not only a small trinket in your home, but also offers your pet a great look-out point in its domed-roof at the same time. The rectangular shape of the cage gives ample space to small birds like budgies, canaries and finches. The arched roof ensures that you feathered friend gets a superb view over his realm. The framework is made out of top quality, white synthetics. The black, stabilizing bars make the cage especially stable. The same-coloured base of the cage keeps your home free from bird-mess. It has a pull-out drawer for cleaning the cage floor, which only need be pulled out. Then the mess can be easily removed and replaced with fresh litter. Alternatively, you can go for a complete clean-out as the plastic base can be easily removed by detaching the clips for the bars. The included accessories are specially designed to make a perfect home for your pet bird: Four perches give your darling pet ample places to sit and sleep. Two transparent, plastic feeding bowls are fitted onto the cage from the outside and give the bird easy access for feeding. The transparent material enables you to easily see when the food needs to be replenished. Small lids on the feeding bowls allow you to replenish the food without the complicated process of getting into the cage. The drinking trough is likewise fitted onto the cage from the outside and makes changing the water daily much easier. For entertainment there is a heart-shaped mirror with ringing bells.

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