Komodo Habitat Moss, 3 Litre

Komodo Habitat Moss, 3 Litre

  • Locally sourced sphagnum moss
  • Brilliant for providing humidity
  • Aid with reptiles shedding skin
  • Aid creating a natural environment
  • Brilliant for providing humidity within a set up it provides an ideal substrate to aid with reptiles shedding skin and creating a natural environment

Komodo Habitat Sphagnum Moss provides a 100% natural substrate for use in your reptile’s home.

It has a variety of purposes, including helping to maintain an ideal environment for pets that require access to a humid area. The moss is sustainably collected from Europe, and can be added to tropical and forest set ups to create a natural looking habitat for your reptile or amphibian. It is also ideal for use in desert set ups in a moist hide or den, as this provides your pet with a place where they can go to cool down, and also to aid healthy shedding.

Komodo Habitat Sphagnum Moss 3.0L Bag

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