Julius-K9 Chest Pad for Pressure Distribution Harness, Size 3 – 4

Julius-K9 Chest Pad for Pressure Distribution Harness, Size 3 - 4

  • Durable
  • easy to clean
  • Easy to use

Julius K9® IDC Chestpad for Powerharness

improved version of Y-Strap

for Julius K9® Harnesses size “3” + “4”

Color: black with reflective edge

fixed without opening the chest belt of the harness

Excellent pressure dispersing function

Waterproof external material

The cushion lines both straps of the harness on the dog’s chest

This is the improved version of the K9 Y-Strap. The biggest advantage

of the improvement is that its usage had simplified, furthermore it is

more comfortable for the dog. It is optimal in load distribution and in

keeping the position of the chest strap. It provides more comfort in

distribution if it is used with the IDC-Powerharness with side rings.

Julius-K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses, protective equipment and

other accessories for dog owners under the K9 brand name. The technical experts of the company

have mainly developed their reputation for creating dog harnesses, using original technical solutions

for these products not used before In 2003 the manufacturing company justly awarded the term “Power”

to its dog harnesses, after all the second largest Austrian police training centre and fire service

used them with excellent results during their actual roles as emergency services.

Only the Chestpad is offered here.

Original Julius K9® Product

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