Jebao 503 External Fish Tank Canister Aquarium Filter System 1 Touch 15w 750 LPH

Jebao 503 External Fish Tank Canister Aquarium Filter System 1 Touch 15w 750 LPH

  • Suitable for freshwater (cold-water or tropical) & marine aquariums
  • Powerful 750 litre per hour pump fitted with UK 3-pin plug
  • Multi-stage filtration with 3 filter baskets
  • Foam, hoses & fittings included
  • Easy to prime – Push button on top of filter

The super quiet newest generation of the aquarium filter technology is suitable for freshwater as well as saltwater aquariums.
Extraordinary and generous design of the large-scale pump cylinder for filling the filter container without any bothersome suction: you simply press said pump cylinder by the means of which you fill the chambers individually.

The quick disconnecting coupling makes it possible to separate the tubes from the filter container without having to empty them. The hose connections are rotatable at 360°. There is a safety hose adapter with a locking easy to use. You regulate the flow through by adapter lever. The device offers a high flow rate and operates on a low noise level, rubber stands provide for an optimal vibration damping. A variety of filter baskets, easy to remove, provide for the application of different filter media from coarse to fine.

Filter baskets with practical handles allow to be filled individually. The filter includes filter trays for you to put your own media, but does come with one fine poly pad.

Note: There must always be only ONE floss inserted at the same time into the filter.

Dimensions 200 x 200 x 325 mm
Weight [kg] 3,8
Protection category IP 44
Input voltage 220V / 50HZ
Power 15 W
cable length 1.8m

Hose connection Ø 12 mm
Hose diameter (inside / outside in mm) 12/16
Hose Length each hose 1,5 m

Filter Details
– 3 Filter stages (baskets included to put your own media in)
– Filter Fleece (fine poly pad)
– Volume 8 Liters

Aquarium Size up to 200 Liters
max. Delivery rate 750 l/h

Discount Price: £39.99
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