Hide Away Foraging Box Feeder for Parrots

Hide Away Foraging Box Feeder for Parrots

  • Hide favourite treats, seed mix or pellets inside.
  • Suitable for Budgie,Cockatiel,Conure – Small,Meyers and Senegals,Lovebird,Quaker,
  • Creative Foraging

Surprise box for budgies

Within their natural habitat, parrots almost search for food the entire day. Within our captive bred birds, some of them miss the training to work for their food. Bird parks and zoological gardens therefor hide foods and treats inside of bags and buckets which they fix to trees.This suprise box gives small hints for your birds to get to the treats, but finally it will work it out.

ca. 6cm x 6cm x 10cm
Total size including chain: 25 cm

Discount Price: £10.90
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