Harry’s Bird

Harry's Bird

Grace DeMarco is at an age when she should be playing bridge and whacking golf balls, but instead, she is falling apart. Her husband has died and left her broke and in debt. The seventeen-year old grandson she is raising has discovered pot, and her younger daughter has come home to live bringing her young son with her. Worst of all, Grace DeMarco, celebrated San Francisco portrait painter, has sunk into an apathy so debilitating she cannot get out of bed let alone pick up a paintbrush. No painting means no money. And no money means Swallow Ranch, her ten-acre spread in the foothills of Mt. Diablo, is becoming a dilapidated ruin. Like it or not, Grace has to find a way to pull up her socks and get on with it before they are all living in her Silverado and dumpster diving for dinner. Grace DeMarco is not the only older woman raising a grandchild. According to the Washington Times, one in ten U.S. children lives with a grandparent. Harry’s Bird is the heartwarming and often humorous story of a family’s struggle to overcome obstacles and find personal happiness.

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