Harrison`s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb – Complete Parrot Diet

Harrison`s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb - Complete Parrot Diet

  • Suitable for African Grey,Amazon,Cockatoo,Conure – Large,Eclectus,Macaw – Large,Macaw – Small,
  • Harrisons

Harrison’s Bird Foods
For many bird foods, the origins of the ingredients are unknown, pesticides are used in their cultivation and aromas, colourings and flavourings are added. This is not the case for Harrison’s Bird Foods. Harrison’s organic bird food has been developed by nutrionists and avian veterinarian Greg Harrison. Harrison’s Bird Foods are:
Free from pesticides
Free from mould and fungal toxins
Free from artificial colourings and flavourings
Free from preservatives

Harrison’s Bird Foods are recommended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and conditions in birds as a result of eating the wrong food. Birds cannot be selective when given Harrison’s Bird Food. With every bite, your bird will receive the best possible nutrition. Because Harrison’s Bird Foods are developed as a complete food, no supplements are needed.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime
Harrison’s Adult Lifetime foods are main foods for your bird. After moving from Harrison’s High Potency, Harrison’s Lifetime foods can be given (depending on the bird species and the circumstances). Harrison’s Adult Lifetime is an ideal food for Amazon parrots, rose cockatoos and other birds that are prone to obesity.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse
This maintenance food is suitable for healthy, non-breeding, non-moulting, small birds, such as Amazon parrots, cockatoos and other medium-sized birds.


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