Happy Dog Dry Dog Food Natur Croq Adult Balance 15 kg

Happy Dog Dry Dog Food Natur Croq Adult Balance 15 kg

  • Easily digestible croquette mix.
  • For dogs with normal to slightly increased energy requirements.
  • Natural hypo-allergenic complete dog food with no artificial flavours or colourants added.
  • Promotes healthy teeth.
  • Extremely stringent independent quality checks guarantee quality at the highest level.

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cottage cheese and special yeast extracts also have a positive effect on digestion and bowel function. This can NaturCroq balance dog food to be fed easily susceptible dogs. Due to the slightly higher energy content to balance dog food is also ideal for all active dogs in agility, sports and games.
Poultry meat meal, whole grain wheat, wheat flour, whole grain corn, corn flour, rice flour, oat flour, whole-grain barley, meat meal, fish meal, poultry fat, beef fat, sugar beet molasses, liver hydrolyzate, Apfeltres-ter (dried) (0.8%), sodium chloride, cottage cheese (dried, 0.3%), carrot (dried, 0.1%), yeast (extract, 0.1%), spinach (dry, 0.08%), alfalfa (dry, 0.08%)

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