Filter Bio-Sponge 11.8″x4.7″x2.36″(33cmx 12cmx 6cm) Media Block Foam pads Biochemical Sponge bio

Filter Bio-Sponge 11.8

  • 1. The Biochemical Filter has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the forage leftover.
  • 2. Its multi-porous feature will avoid blockages and provide the largest adhesion area for bacteria.
  • 3. The material has great thickness, it is durable.
  • 4. It is made of high quality materials to justify its durable. Meanwhile, it also can be cut into different sizes as you need. It is the best biological filter material
  • Measures approximately: 33cm L x 12cm W x 6cm H

Advise: Replace the bio-sponge three month, to ensure the filtrating effect as well as the growth of the nitrifying bacteria. Measures approximately:33cm L x 12cm W x 6cm H

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