Dog Leash Rainbow – Dog Lead (2.5m Rainbow) (8FT)

Dog Leash Rainbow - Dog Lead (2.5m Rainbow) (8FT)

  • 2 HANDLE LEASH – This 8ft or 2.5m long leash has two padded handles, one padded handle on the end (8ft long) and the other 1ft from the clip. Made of extra tough nylon. Keeping your dog safe at all times
  • USE THE LONG LEASH for casual walks and extended sniffing – great for loose leash walking giving your dog greater freedom
  • USE THE SHORT LEASH for busy sidewalks, bike paths or for dogs that are ‘pullers’. Easily rein the dog in while walking in populated areas where other animals and children can be unpredictable. You have instant, up-close control of your dog. Helps you control dominance and aggression
  • COMFORT WHEN WALKING DOG – Soft padding adds comfort for your hands. No longer will you have to wrap the leash around your hand and risk injuring yourself. Your dog can’t get a running start when you’re holding the short handle as their movement is limited
  • TOP QUALITY – Having your dog safe at all times is a must, so a strong tough lead is important and guaranteed not to break. Comfortable handles insure a pleasant walking experience, we’ll even include a FREE bonus dog training secrets eBook so your walking experience will become even more pleasurable

Greater Freedom With More Control – 1 Leash 2 handles

Giving You A Short Lead Or Long Lead Option With 1 Leash

Let’s face it….the walk is the most important part of your relationship with your dog and it’s the best way to exercise your dog. But when walking your dog is a difficult task you will quickly tire of it and your relationship will be at risk

The leash you use to connect to your dog is paramount to the walk

This product will help you master the walk. Unlike the traditional dog leash, this leash features a padded dual (2) handle system, which is great for training.

Designed for walking in different environments this leash will allow your dog to sniff freely and roam with the long 8ft leash or for more control use the shorter handle (1ft from the clip) when you are walking in populated areas like the sidewalk or through busy streets.

We’ve Just Made Walking Your Best Friend Even Safer And More Enjoyable

• – Maintain control in busy areas
•- Greater freedom to roam and socialize
• – Reduces injury from wrapping the leash around your wrist
•- Safer for other walkers and dogs
• – Doubles as an ideal training leash
•- Ideal for medium to large dogs, however can also be used on small dogs too

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