DermOpt Optima Dog Shampoo Soothes Dog Itchy Skin and Nourishes Healthy Coat

DermOpt Optima Dog Shampoo Soothes Dog Itchy Skin and Nourishes Healthy Coat

  • Fast acting to soothe itchy skin and scratching, nourishes and hydrates your dog’s skin
  • Created by a Vet to help keep your dog’s skin in balance and maintain optimum condition
  • New and improved, thick consistency, does not contain SLS, makes your dog feel good all over
  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat, cleanses and removes odour and doggy smell
  • Great for all breeds and skin types. Use regularly with DermOpt® Coat Care spray and Omega 3 Boost


Does your dog have itchy skin or scratches itself continuously?
Or have dry flaky skin or dull looking coat?
Then you have found the solution to helping your dog’s skin get back into balance

DermOpt® Optima Shampoo works with and re-balances the damaged skin cells

The ingredients are a fusion of nature and science working quickly and naturally to soothe itching and scratching
– Softens the hair, de-tangling it so you can brush easily and remove mats
– Allows the skin cells breathe and rid themselves of impurities, and smelly odours

New Improved DermOpt® Shampoo promotes healthy skin and luxurious coat

– It does this by nourishing and hydrating the skin cells and hair follicles
– Specially formulated by Dr Harley Farmer PhD, BVSc(Hons) BVBiol(Path) MRCVS for animals
– Contains no parabens, no Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)
– Contains no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin, so great for dogs with sensitive skin
– Environmentally friendly and non harmful, music to the skin of all breeds of dogs, white or black

If your dog skin is affected by infection and infestation by fleas, mites and ticks, or with mange and dermatitis, consult your vet

Your dog deserves to have skin in balance and harmony with its body. You deserve no less than a happy healthy dog, full of vitality created by DermOpt® shampoo

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