Compact Lamp Unit

Compact Lamp Unit

  • High quality professional looking aluminium reflec
  • Suitable for African Grey,Amazon,Budgie,Canary and Finch,Cockatiel,Cockatoo,Conure – Large,Conure – Small,Eclectus,Macaw – Large,Macaw – Small,Meyers and Senegals,Lovebird,Quaker,Caique,
  • Arcadia

High quality professional looking aluminium reflector from Arcadia.
This Compact Lighting Unit helps you make the most of your Arcadia Compact UV bulbs (Code 8298). Once the brackets have been attached you can quickly and easily clamp the unit on to the bars of your bird`s cage.

The clever and unique bracket design allows you to pivot the lamp unit, so you can direct the light exactly where you and your bird needs it.

Long power cable comes with an on/off switch and a light timing switch (not supplied) can be used so you can program your bird`s light to switch on and off automatically. Once switched on the high performance reflector ensures the maximum amount of light is directed in to your bird`s cage.

Please Note

Lamp not included.

This fitting has been carefully designed to be fitted onto a bird cage safely. However large hookbills and those birds that are prone to chewing should be prevented from reaching the cables and lamp. For these birds the use of a Parrot Pro Lamp (code 828101) may be a better idea.

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