Zoo Med HB-50 Reptile Lamp Stand, Small

Zoo Med HB-50 Reptile Lamp Stand, Small

  • Use a reptile lamp stand to safely suspend any of zoo med’s clamp lamp fixtures or drippers
  • Has adjustable height and length
  • Contain power cord clips
  • A large base for stability
  • Small size

Use a Reptile Lamp Stand to safely suspend any of Zoo Meds Clamp Lamp fixtures or Drippers above your enclosure. The Reptile Lamp Stand is available in two sizes, both with adjustable height and length as well as power cord clips and a large base for stability.
The smaller size fits terrariums up to 20 gallons in size and has a maximum height adjustment of 61 cm and a maximum length adjustment of 30 cm.

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RepTech Neodymium heating lamps (60 watt), Reptile basking spot lamp with UVA

RepTech Neodymium heating lamps (60 watt), Reptile basking spot lamp with UVA

  • Neodymium glass
  • Provides light, heat and UVA
  • Fits E27 sockets
  • Dimable
  • Ideal basking spot for reptiles due to integrated reflector

One of the most commonly used heating sources. Provides light and which makes it an excellent heat source for use during daytime hours. The built in reflector forces light and heat down providing a perfect spot area for reptiles to bask in.

During night time hours a heat mat or infrared lamp can be used if required.

The RepTech basking lamps are fitted with special Neodymium glass and as a result the RepTech basking lamps also produce UVA light!

Most reptiles have four color receptors in the eye, humans only have three. UVA light falls within the visible light spectrum for reptiles. Without UVA their surroundings will seem dull and unnatural. To provide a more natural environment for your beloved pet and encourage natural behavior it is essential to provide lighting that includes UVA.

Lamps are tested to last 2000+ hour life time. This is the standard filament lamp test, where a lamp is turned on to see how long it burns. With normal use, under normal condition this translates into a life time of about 3 to 4 months with a once daily switch on/off. Frequently turning the lamp on and off will shorten the life span, so only use a dimming thermostat or without thermostat. Switching several lamps on with a single switch will also cause extra wear on the filaments due to the higher inrush currents.

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