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If youâ€TMve surfed the Web more than once, youâ€TMve probably visited Originally you may have gone there searching for books, but is so much more than a bookstore. The author of For Dummies®, who has been involved with the site from its beginnings, describes it as a shopping mall/home improvement store/bazaar/travel agency/newsstand/car lot, but most importantly, a community of buyers and sellers—people like you. Countless opportunities exist for those who join this community, and For Dummies® gives you a smorgasbord sampling of what they are and how to take advantage of every one. For example, you can Set up an account and buy things Bid on anauction Sell your items Personalize your shopping experience Open your own online “store†Join the community Written by Mara Friedman, who has held several positions with…It’s good to see that for Dummies has finally arrived on our virtual shelves. This book will introduce even experienced customers to some of the less obvious features of the online emporium, such as Corporate Accounts, Travel Services and Friends & Favourites. Read and learn from Mara Friedman how can provide you with information and (through zShops and the Associates programme) make you money.

Friedman briefly covers Amazon’s collection of Web Services, which are utilities available to programmers who want to embed functionality (such as book searches and popularity monitoring) in their own applications. What’s here is clear and stylish (and sometimes funny), and will certainly make you aware of features you don’t know about yet. is unusual as a business in that it rewards exploration and study. This book acts as your guide through the electronic aisles. –David Wall,

Topics covered:

  • How to locate and buy the things you want
  • How to advertise and sell the things you have
  • How to meet people and have fun on

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