Pretty Bird Macaw Hi-Energy Special Complete Food 3lb (1.4kg)

Pretty Bird Macaw Hi-Energy Special Complete Food 3lb (1.4kg)

  • Size : 1.4kg

A delicious and naturally balanced pellet diet suitable for Large Macaws and Golden Conures. Designed for species that require high fat levels such as Macaws, Golden Conures and Black Palm Cockatoos. This food provides the high fat content required by these species with the proper vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet. (Nuggets are medium in size with 16% protein and 10% fat). Many cases of malnutrition are still found in our pet parrots, and this is a great solution to this surprisingly prevelant problem. Providing your bird with a balanced and nutritious diet plays an essential part in maintaining their overall health. With a complete diet such as Pretty Bird Daily Select Large there is very little or no waste created, and it will prevent your parrot from picking through their food and leaving the nutritional bits. Avian veterinarians all over the world recommend complete diets, which now come in a range of colours, shapes and flavours, making for fun and interesting meal times, and encourage them to try a bit of everything. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 36 x 22 x 10cm

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