Opus Universal Pole for Hanging Wild Bird Feeders

Opus Universal Pole for Hanging Wild Bird Feeders

  • Complete system for mounting or hanging any bird feeder
  • Steel pole extends to 210 cm (7 ft)
  • Rust-resistant contemporary metal finish
  • Includes hanging arm, wood feeder adapter and ground sleeve for easy assembly
  • Versatile bird feeder pole

The Opus Topflight Universal Bird Feeder Pole features an extension arm for hangingonly feeders, universal adapter for wood feeders and a 7′ steel pole with rustresistant finish. Comes with a lifetime warranty! Remember to clean your feeder at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons. The Opus Topflight family of bird feeders are on the cutting edge of birdfeeder technology, providing constant innovations to the overall efficiency of your bird feeding. Opus Topflight lure the wild bird in search of seedallowing you hours of birdwatching joy.

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