Hamster ‘Home Sweet Home’ Clear ‘N’ Fun – A Perfect Home for all hamsters, gerbils & mice

Hamster 'Home Sweet Home' Clear 'N' Fun - A Perfect Home for all hamsters, gerbils & mice

  • Clear ‘N’ Fun is a fantastic small animal cage in the ‘Home Sweet Home’ range by Sharples ‘N’ Grant.
  • Made from quality, hard wearing plastic and stainless steel, this cage features a clear plastic top that allows your pets to be visible at all times
  • It also features a feeding bowl, exercise wheel and drinking bottle so that you have all the basics included.
  • Easily accessible by the door in the top metal grill or by removing the top half of the cage.

A perfect starter home for hamsters, mice or gerbils. Would make a great gift for a childs first pet as it alows full view of your pet.

Discount Price: £35.69
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