Ecological Labs (Microbe-Lift) AEL99345 Pond Thera-P For Fish Health

Ecological Labs (Microbe-Lift) AEL99345 Pond Thera-P For Fish Health

  • Provides a natural pond eco-system
  • Improved water quality for use with all ornamental, coldwater, temperate, cyprinids, native and wild species
  • Reduces environmental stress
  • Beneficial when overpopulation exists
  • Compatible with all pond fish, wildlife and other Microbe-Lift products

TheraP. Specially Formulated to Promote Pond Fish Health. Provides a natural pond eco-system resulting in better overall fish health and improved water quality for use with all ornamental coldwater temperate cyprinids native and wild species. It is easier to prevent disease than cure it and good water quality is a keystone for disease control. Biologically supports the fish s immune system. Reduces environmental stress. Promotes rapid fish growth. Beneficial when overpopulation exists. Compatible with all pond fish wildlife and the other MICROBE-LIFT products. Safe for all animals in and around the pond. Nontoxic and nonpathogenic. Microbe-LIFT/TheraP a natural bacteria; it is NOT a genetically engineered or altered bacteria

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