Cozy Corner Plush Bird Bed – Small 6″

Cozy Corner Plush Bird Bed - Small 6

  • A warm place to retreat to which helps to reduce t
  • Suitable for Budgie,Canary and Finch,Lovebird,Quaker,
  • Prevue Hendryx

A warm place to retreat to which helps to reduce the effects of draughts and seasonal cold weather.
The health of your pet bird is paramount, and with illnesses in pet birds hard to identify during the early stages, it isn’t until a bird is visibly ill before some action is taken.

The effects of draughts and cold weather put pressure on your bird`s immune system. Having somewhere warm and cosy in the corner of their cage can really make a difference and help to keep your bird warm during those cold and breezy spells.

Attaching a cosy corner small to your bird`s cage near a favoured perch is a quick and easy way to provide a place for your bird to keep warm. Snuggling in to a cosy fleece blanket on their favourite perch watching the world go by…sounds like bliss.

Please note colour supplied may vary from the image shown.

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