Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks 14 Pieces (Pack of 7)

Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks 14 Pieces (Pack of 7)

  • Naturally high in beneficial fibre
  • Good for emotional health
  • Promotes dental health
  • 100 Percent natural wholesome ingredients
  • Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet happy

Our strong family values and traditions are core to the Burgess story. For generations we have produced the finest quality foods for people, pets and
animals. Our 200 year heritage in agriculture has helped forge strong relationships with the farming community and the ingredients for our recipes
are sourced locally wherever possible. The health and happiness of animals is our number one goal and our expert knowledge in nutrition helps us
achieve this. Of course as animal lovers ourselves, we’re also passionate about making great quality, tasty foods.
Burgess Excel Gnaw Stick Snacks are a complimentary snack suitable for all small animals. Made with a mixture of small sticks from various trees.
these snacks are great for helping to prevent boredom and provide variety to your fibrevores.

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